The Blood Line Tatoo, specialised in trending tattoos in Taranto, welcomes you in its blog telling you the magic and interesting history of meaning of tatto, that has deep roots coming from long ago.

It is a technique that followed the humans in theyr evolution. The term tattoo comes from “tau tau”, onomatopoeic word that recalls the noise of the needle picking the skin.

The origin of this technique comes from far away, linked to precise symbologies, proofs were found in ancient Egypt on funerary paintings. The ancient Romans, instead, didn't like the art of tattoo, because they believed that the purity of the body should be respected. Also in the time of the first Christians yhe art of tattoo was widespread for showing the faith, indeed it was typical to choose as tattoo the cross, symbol of religiousness. In Japan the origin of this practice derives from the order to forbid that the population of lower social status wear coloured kimono, so in sign of protest they filled their bodies with huge coloured tattoos. In 1891 Samuel O'Reilly patented the first electric tool for tattoo, a real evolution in the world of tattoos, making abruptly the existing techniques oblsolete, slower and especially a lot more painful.

Nowadays tattoo keeps both an aestetic and symbolic meaning, linked to an important occurrence of the own life. Rely on my tattoo studio in Taranto and I'll be able to interpret all your requests and styles. In my blog, moreover, you'll find always updated news and Photos of all my latter works.