Blood Line Tatoo Taranto


My philosophy

I introduce myself: I'm Giuseppe Tedesco, I began my work as a play, I love to drae and I like oriental art.I can define myself an artist, since I draw free-hand on skin. The way of my profession has been upward, but it made it possible for me to specialise myself becoming what I'm today.
I started so, casually, drawing tattoos for a friend of mine, then the passion for this world made of sybols and meanings, totally conquered me.
The study, the researches and the practice at other studios of the area were useful for my specialisation and also nowadays I standing try to emprove myself because I believe that there is always something to learn.
Passion, Professionalism and studies

I attended the course of tattoo apprentice at Manduria, acquiring the relative professional certification. In addition, I have the hygienical formational certification of 100 hours, useful and indispensable for working in total security.

Blood Line Tatoo in Taranto has always hygiene in top position. I make exclusively use of single use needles, anallergic colours certified by the EU without allergens and disinfectants, medical surgical devices.

My philosophy

My maxim is: I'd never make tattoo of a subject I don't like!
Every guest becomes a friend, in my studio you'll find a second home, it's basical that you trust in me, because I know the value and the importance of what I'm doing.
I follow each project putting my heart into, I don't forget anything, each tattoo is a label on the skin that links people to a memory, an unforgettable emotion.
The passion I fell for my work is the soul of my study, it's the philosophy of my work. I love to draw, to be part of that little masterpiece that will remain on your skin, that you'll bring with you in all your steps and when you'll look to it through a mirror I wish that you will identify with it and it will be part of you.