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I realise handmade tattoos, my work is based upon fantasy and originality, explain your wish and I'll realise it. I work developping a project from zero, I listen to your idea, realising a design on paper and then I make a graphic project. I make tattoos of different styles: I'm specialised in those realistic and japanese ones.


In my tattoo studio in Taranto there is also an electrodermograph, a tool used for partally remove old tattoos. In past years, several improvised tattoo maker began to work and this generated a false competition because those ones who selled this service below market value caused a damage to their guests making a wrong tattoo.
What can I do for you?
I can lighten your tattoo and successively modify it according to your wishes, in order to create on your skin an artwork.


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Your idea? I transform it into a unique and original tattoo, I draw free-hand for creating a work that accurately represent your request.

My tattoos

I realise free hand tattoos and I'm specialised in realistic and japanese style. I like to draw and transfer my art on your skin, each element will get alive on your body for creating a design that may represent you in the best way.
Japanese Tattoos have always attracted me, they are the result of a long culture and philosophy: gheisha, dragoons, lotus flowers and bamboo leaves are only some of the themes of this fantastic world.